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Be Part of the Mansea Metal Team

Metal Manufacturing Careers Available at Mansea Metal

With a presence in four sites across Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio, our growing company takes pride in extending its talented team. We never compromise finding the ideal fit for our team and after 90 days, new workers enjoy an impressive benefits package.

You're eligible for multiple medical, dental, and vision insurance benefits as an employee. Additionally, the company partially pays your medical insurance if you opt for it. Short-term disability benefits, company-sponsored life insurance, paid time off for holidays, sick leave, and vacation come along with the package. And, of course, a simple IRA retirement plan that's enriched by the company matching the funds up to 3%.

Should this align with your career aspirations, please fill out the application form below or visit us at our customer service showroom. It's open Monday-Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. You can find us in any of our four manufacturing locations in Kentucky, Illinois, or Ohio. We invite you for a discussion on potential employment with us.

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Grow with a Company That's as Strong as Steel

Career growth is just over the horizon, and it starts right here at Mansea Metal. We pride ourselves on a workplace that nurtures talent and hard work. If you have a knack for precision and a commitment to excellence, we want you on our team. Get in touch to find out about our current openings.

  • Relaxed and productive atmosphere
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Open and honest communication
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Join Our Growing Team and Reap the Benefits!

Take advantage of this opportunity to join a dynamic and forward-thinking team. Make your move, apply today, and step onto a path of unlimited possibilities with Mansea Metal!

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Forge Your Future at Mansea Metal

We're looking for passionate individuals to join our growing team. At Mansea Metal, you're not just an employee but an integral part of a company that values craftsmanship and innovation. Forge your path in a fulfilling industry, enjoy competitive benefits, and make a tangible impact. Apply today and build a career that stands as strong as our roofs!