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The Perfect Metal Exterior Solutions For Your Home

Quality Metal Roofing & Post-Frame Buildings for Exceptional Homes

At Mansea Metal, we provide our residential clients in Mt. Zion, IL, Dayton, OH, and Winchester and Walton, KY with the best metal roofs for residential properties. Our standing seam metal roof options add elegance and longevity to any metal roof house. As a leading metal roofing supplier, we offer a range of attractive and durable metal roof options to suit your home's style.

Alongside our top-of-the-line metal roofing, we’re also a reliable pole barn builder, delivering custom-designed pole barn kits and pole barn garages that are both functional and beautiful. Our post-frame buildings are crafted using the finest materials to ensure you get the quality you deserve for your residential property. Contact us today to discuss your metal roofing and post-frame building needs.


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Manufacturing the Best Metal Roofing, Metal Siding, And Post-Frame Buildings

Our custom-designed pole barns are economical for a garage, workshop, shed, storage, or hobby building. As the manufacturer, our team produces superior post-frame buildings for homeowners. Our steel is roll-formed at our local factories to the highest standards. The durable Sherwin-Williams finishes and premium lumber ensure your structure is built to last. We offer more than 22 striking colors, giving you countless design combinations for your metal siding and roof. If you are in the market for your home's highest-quality metal panels, look no further than Mansea Metal.

If you are in the market for the highest quality metal roofing or post-frame building, look no further than Mansea Metal. Contact us today or visit one of our local showrooms for more information or to request a custom quote.

The Mansea Metal Difference

  • 100% American Manufactured Steel
  • 40-Year Warranty on Metal Roofing
  • Free Quotes to Plan Your Project
  • Color Visualizer Tool to Help Select Colors
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Discover the Advantages of Our Metal Roofing and Metal Siding

Metal roofing always makes a statement. Not only will it add to your home’s visual appeal, but it also increases the value of your property and maintains its beauty and integrity. With long lifespans and durability, installing a metal roof is a wise choice because it withstands the elements and seasonal changes better than traditional asphalt shingles.

The same can be said for metal siding. Metal siding is more durable than traditional siding materials like composite or wood, reducing your home's upkeep and maintenance costs. Metal siding is also more bug-resistant than traditional siding materials, reducing the chance of carpenter ants and termites in your home siding.

Residential Post-Frame Building FAQs

Why Should I Install A Metal Roof On My Home?

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. With its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and its high resistance to fire and wind damage, metal roofing can significantly increase the overall value of your property. Moreover, metal roofs come in various styles and colors, allowing for impressive customization to match the rest of your home's aesthetics. Mansea Metal specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art metal roofing solutions, ensuring quality and performance every time.

What Kind of Maintenance Does A Metal Roof Require?

One of the significant advantages of metal roofs is that they require minimal maintenance compared to traditional roofing materials. Usually, an annual inspection and cleaning would suffice. However, if your roof is exposed to harsh conditions, it might need more frequent checks.

How Long Does A Metal Roof Last Compared to Traditional Roofing?

Metal roofs are renowned for their longevity, with an expected lifespan of up to 60-70 years when maintained properly, around two to three times longer than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. The roof's initial cost is offset by its durability, saving you money over its lifetime on replacements and repairs.

Mansea Metal’s Post-Frame Building Supplies

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Metal Roofing

Mansea Metal offers an extensive range of durable, high-quality metal roofing options that are designed to withstand the test of time. Our standing seam and corrugated metal roofs not only serve as a practical solution for protecting your property but also enhance the aesthetics of your home. With a diverse selection of styles, colors, and attractive finishes, you can trust our metal roofing systems to provide exceptional performance while complementing the design of your residential property.

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Metal Wall Panels & Siding

Make your home sleek and modern with Mansea Metal's premium metal wall panels and siding. Our innovative designs offer a range of visually dynamic solutions that are both stylish and functional. Our metal siding products are available in various colors, textures, and materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Choose from our elegant selections, including board and batten, corrugated, and standing seam options, to create a unique and stunning exterior for your home.

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Post-Frame Buildings

Our post-frame buildings at Mansea Metal are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your residential property while offering exceptional structural integrity and energy efficiency. Built with 100% American-made materials, our pole barn kits, garages, and other post-frame structures are versatile and adaptable to various applications. Whether you need additional storage, a recreational space, or an extension to your current living space, our expert team is dedicated to delivering a post-frame building solution that exceeds your expectations.

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Create Your Dream Home With the Color Visualizer For Metal Roofing Materials

Your home is an expression of your style. That's why Mansea Metal presents the Color Visualizer tool—a creative resource that allows you to personalize and visualize the exterior of your residential building. You can create a unique style by choosing the hues for your roof, siding, trim, and wainscoting. Whether you want your abode with a traditional charm or a contemporary allure, our Color Visualizer puts the power of design at your fingertips. Take the first step in designing your dream home with Mansea Metal today!

Color Visualizer Tool GET A FREE QUOTE


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Upgrade Your Home With A Metal Roof From Mansea Metal Today

From building your dream garage to decking your home with the finest metal roof, we have the tools and expertise to transform your property’s exterior. Contact us today to request a custom quote.