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PBA Panel
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Ultimate Protection & Style for Your Metal Building Projects

Best PBA Panel Supplier in IL, KY, and OH

Discover the unmatched blend of form and functionality with Mansea Metal's PBA wall panels—the premier choice for constructing warehouses, storage units, and various vertical applications. Our PBA metal wall panels not only offer a sleek, modern aesthetic but also ensure the utmost structural integrity for your projects.

Forging the perfect synergy of dependable performance and architectural versatility, PBA wall panels from Mansea Metal stand as the definitive choice for modern construction needs. These metal wall panels are specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of warehouses, storage facilities, and any vertical structure application. Boasting both an appealing exterior and a strong defense against the elements, our panels provide investors and builders the much-needed reassurance of quality and longevity. Prepare to transform your construction project with PBA wall panels from Mansea Metal. Take action now and ensure your buildings stand out with superior protection and style.


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Exceptional Panel Durability and Ease of Install

Elevate your project's durability to new heights with the exceptional strength of Mansea Metal's PBA metal siding panels, made with a robust galvalume substrate. These wall panels are designed to endure harsh weather conditions, promising an durable appearance and lasting functionality.

The installation of our PBA metal siding panels is a seamless process, thanks to their vertical alignment with an exposed fastener system, allowing for a swift and efficient setup. This combination of high-grade materials and convenient installation design makes Mansea Metal's panels an optimal selection for those seeking lasting value with an economical and straightforward mounting process.


  • Coverage: 36" coverage with 1 1 /8" rib height.
  • Length: The minimum recommended cut length is 5'0", and the maximum is 45-0". Longer panels need special consideration for erection, packaging, and shipping.
  • Substructure: Designed for use over open structural framing or solid substrate. Uniform and properly aligned substructures are necessary to avoid distortion.
  • Gauge: Available in 24 gauge and 26 gauge.
  • Fasteners: Exposed fastener product. Contact your representative for assistance in choosing the proper fastener for your project.
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Broad Spectrum of Stylish Accessories

Enrich your buildings with aesthetic appeal using Mansea Metal's complete lineup of accessories, available in a captivating palette of 18 Sherwin Williams XL metal siding colors. This vast selection allows you to find the perfect hue to complement your project, amplifying its visual presence and character.

Whether your aim is to achieve a bold, contemporary look or a more classic finish, our metal siding colors provide the flexibility to personalize your building to your exact preferences. Mansea Metal's accessories not only bring a touch of color but also enhance the cohesiveness and functionality of your metal building siding, securing the overall appeal and value of your property.

PBA Metal Wall Panel FAQs

How Long Do PBA Metal Wall Panels Last, and What Maintenance Do They Require?

PBA metal wall panels are renowned for their longevity and durability. When sourced from a reputable supplier like Mansea Metal, these panels can last for decades with minimal maintenance. They are designed to resist corrosion, fading, and wear, which means they continue to look great and perform well over time. Maintenance typically involves occasional cleaning with mild soap and water to keep them looking their best.

How Do Metal Wall Panels Compare to Other Siding Materials Like Wood or Vinyl?

PBA metal wall panels offer several advantages over traditional siding materials like wood or vinyl, including greater durability, better fire resistance, and lower maintenance. Unlike wood, which can warp, rot, or suffer termite damage, metal wall panels maintain their integrity over time without requiring frequent repairs or replacements. Additionally, metal panels provide enhanced protection against fire compared to vinyl or wood siding. Mansea Metal’s panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them a more reliable choice for any building.

How Can PBA Wall Panels Contribute to the Energy Efficiency of My Building?

PBA metal wall panels significantly enhance a building's energy efficiency. These panels offer superior insulation, helping to keep your building cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This thermal efficiency can reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to noticeable savings on energy bills.

Durable PBA Panels For Homes, Businesses, and Post-Frame Buildings

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Residential Structures

Mansea Metal's metal wall panels bring a sleek, durable ethos to residential buildings. Perfect for homeowners seeking reliable, maintenance-friendly materials, our products enhance living spaces with superior protection and energy efficiency. With a wide range of metal siding colors, these panels complement any home design, offering robust resistance to the elements.

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Commercial Structures

For commercial settings, Mansea Metal's panels represent a smart choice. Engineered to withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments, our wall panels simplify upkeep and lend a contemporary flair to commercial facilities, including retail spaces, office buildings, and warehouses. Embrace durability, sustainability, and style with our metal building solutions.

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Agricultural Structures

Mansea Metal provides metal wall panels ideal for agricultural buildings, delivering the durability needed to protect against extreme weather and pests. Our products benefit barns, storage spaces, and other agricultural structures, offering enhanced longevity and operational efficiency. They meet the modern farmer's need for high-quality, dependable solutions.

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Equestrian Structures

Equestrian centers built with Mansea Metal's offerings create a secure, beautiful environment for horses and handlers alike. Our metal wall panels support structural integrity and cater to aesthetic preferences, fitting any equestrian facility’s design. With maintenance made easy and durability in focus, our panels offer peace of mind alongside visual appeal.

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Visualize Your Dream Metal Wall Panels with Our Color Tool

Envision and craft the perfect color scheme for your pole barn, home, or commercial building with Mansea Metal's advanced color visualizer tool. This intuitive feature allows you to experiment and select the ideal metal siding colors for your roof, siding, trim, or wainscoting, creating a customized look that is your own.

Our color visualizer tool simplifies the design process, enabling you to explore various combinations and see your ideas come to life. Now, achieving the desired aesthetic for your vertical metal siding is easier and more enjoyable than ever. Let your creativity flow and personalize your project with Mansea Metal's visualizer at your fingertips.

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Transform Your Space with PBA Metal Panels

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose Mansea Metal for your next project and witness how our metal wall panels, extensive color selections, and innovative visualizer tool can propel your construction to exceed expectations. Contact us today to explore the limitless possibilities and to find out how we can enhance the appeal and efficacy of your property.

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