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Producing Quality Metal Roofing and Pole Barns

Post-Frame Buildings and Metal Roofing Supplier for the Agriculture Industry

For over a decade, Mansea Metal has manufactured quality metal roofing, siding, and post-frame buildings for the agricultural industry. Whether it’s a metal roof, shed, storage building, stable, or garage, a Mansea Metal representative will listen to your ideas and work with you to make your building dreams a reality. Since the value of a farm and agricultural building is its ability to protect the valuables inside, we ensure that every component is designed to provide superior strength under all conditions. Mansea Metal has a metal roof or farm building for every budget across various projects. Contact us today to speak with one of our roofing and post-frame specialists.


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100% American Made Metal Roofing and Post Frame Components

We at Mansea Metal take immense pride in our all-American legacy. Right from metal siding to the various components used in the construction of post-frame buildings, everything is manufactured here in the US, sustaining and supporting local craftsmanship and industry.

Our metal siding panels and roofing are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, providing your agricultural property the formidable protection it needs. We constantly innovate our processes to bring you the best metal roof options and the most durable post-frame structure in the market.

The Mansea Metal Difference

  • 100% American Manufactured Steel
  • 40-Year Warranty on Metal Roofing
  • Free Quotes to Plan Your Project
  • Color Visualizer Tool to Help Select Colors
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Collaborating with Contractors to Make Your Vision a Reality

Mansea Metal isn't just a supplier—we're a team player. Whether we're executing your post-frame building plans or building your dream pole barn, our dynamic collaboration with contractors drives the transformation process.

Since every project is unique, we offer many post-frame building kits and pole barn plans. Our guidance is fully customized around your goals, considering your unique architectural vision alongside practical needs for durability and environmental resilience. With Mansea Metal, you have the assurance that professionals with industry-leading expertise are working relentlessly to bring your project to life.

Agricultural Post-Frame Building FAQs

What's A Post Frame Building Kit?

A post-frame building kit is a comprehensive package including materials and instructions to construct a post-frame building. These kits streamline building an agricultural, commercial, equestrian, or residential structure by offering all required parts, like metal roofing, siding, trims, fasteners, and other accessories. When you choose Mansea Metal as your post-frame building kit supplier, you get access to high-quality materials and expert guidance from our team in Mt. Zion, IL, Dayton, OH, Winchester, and Walton, KY locations. We're here to ensure your construction project is a resounding success.

How Do You Insulate A Post-Frame Building?

When insulating a post-frame building, selecting the right materials and following proper installation techniques are crucial. Consider using insulating materials such as fiberglass batts or spray foam to achieve an energy-efficient and comfortable structure. These insulation solutions can be applied to the walls, ceilings, and roof for maximum efficiency. Our experienced team and the contractor building your project will guide you through insulation alternatives, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your specific requirements.

How Do You Design A Post-Frame Building?

Designing a post-frame building entails planning the structure's layout, customizing the building's appearance, and choosing materials that promote longevity and efficiency. With Mansea Metal's Color Visualizer tool, you can personalize your building's design elements, such as the roof, siding, trim, and wainscoting, to suit your preferences and remain in harmony with your property's existing structures. Our team, located in Mt. Zion, IL, Dayton, OH, Winchester, and Walton, KY, will assist you with the design process and provide expert advice on the best metal roofing and post-frame construction materials.

Crafting Durable Metal Roofs and Post-Frame Buildings for Agricultural Properties

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Metal Roofing

With various design options ranging from corrugated metal roofs to ribbed metal roofing, we work diligently to ensure we meet your unique aesthetic requirements. Each metal roof panel is manufactured in the US, underlining our commitment to quality and supporting local industry.

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Metal Wall Panels & Siding

Our metal board and batten siding blend modern and traditional styles, adding a unique aesthetic appeal to your structures. We also offer a wide range of metal siding colors to help match your building's style, whether it's a vibrant hue to stand out or a more neutral shade to blend in.

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Post-Frame Buildings

Post-frame buildings are our specialty at Mansea Metal. We understand that these structures are instrumental to the agricultural industry, so we commit to providing reliable, durable, and easy-to-assemble post-frame building kits. Whether you're a professional contractor or a new builder, we aim to help you quickly bring your project to life.

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Customize Your Agricultural Estate With the Color Visualizer

Mansea Metal recognizes that as a farmer, every piece of your property is integral to your operations. You can customize the roof, siding, trim, and wainscoting on all your structures, from barns to storage units and sheds. This level of customization enables you to harmonize the new buildings with the existing ones or create something new and striking with a wide array of available colors. Whether blending with the landscape or standing out, the decision is in your hands. Request a free quote on your project to learn more!

Color Visualizer Tool GET A FREE QUOTE


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Transform Your Home with Mansea Metal Roofing

Are you tired of constant roof repairs and maintenance? It's time for a change. Our metal roofs require minimal upkeep and come in various styles to fit any home architecture. Enjoy the ease of a Mansea Metal roof and spend more time enjoying your home, not maintaining it. Reach out today to discover our hassle-free roofing solutions and enjoy the benefits of a durable, low-maintenance metal roof.