Get A Long-Lasting Roof with 5V Panels in Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois

Simple, yet enduring metal roofing panels that will make your neighbors jealous.

5V metal roofing panels have long been the top choice of many for agricultural roofing applications. However, its simplistic beauty and durable design allows it to be applied to a wide variety of residential and commercial projects. 5V is an exposed fastened, galvanized metal roofing product, with 24” coverage and 3/8” high ribs. Available in painted Galvalume AZ-50 and mill finished Galvalume Plus AZ-50, 5V carries a 25-year warranty that guarantees beauty for decades.


Coverage: Available in a 3/8” rib height with a 24” coverage width and 26” formed width. Can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Slope: Minimum recommended roof slope is 3:12.

Length: Minimum recommended cut length is 1’-0.” Maximum is 30’-0.” Longer panels need special consideration for erection, packaging, and shipping.

Fasteners: Exposed fastened product.
NOTE: All panels are subject to surface distortion when fasteners are improperly applied. Fasteners that are over-driven will cause stress across the face of the panel at or near the point of fastening. *Contact your representative for assistance in choosing the proper fastener for your project.

Gauge: Available in 29 gauge and 26 gauge in Galvalume

Substructure: Designed for use over a solid substrate. Uniform and properly aligned substructures are necessary to avoid panel distortion.

Warranties: 25 Galvalume warranty.

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