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Upgrading Your Building's Aesthetics and Protection

Enhance Your Property with Durable ToughLok Metal Wall Panels

At Mansea Metal, we specialize in designing and installing ToughLok panels and roof systems. Our years of expertise in post-frame construction ensure every property owner receives a hardwearing yet attractive building solution.

With extensive experience spanning the residential, commercial, and agricultural markets, our team possesses the in-depth knowledge to exceed your expectations. We understand the intricacies of metal board and batten siding, as well as other types of metal siding panels. We’re skilled at integrating steel board and batten siding into traditional and contemporary property designs to deliver a seamless look.

Toughlok Panels & Roof Systems in the USA | Mansea Metal - cta-roof

100W Profile

The ToughLok 100FW Flush Wall and Soffit panel combines subtle elegance and modern sophistication. The smooth, uniform appearance suits various applications, including fascias, walls, equipment screens, and soffits. ToughLok 100FW is a flexible panel design that works well for new construction and retrofit applications. The concealed male and female connection achieves a superior finished fit. Stiffener beads can also be used to safeguard the flush look further.

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Toughlok Panels & Roof Systems in the USA | Mansea Metal - cta-roof

175SN Profile

ToughLok 175 Snap Lock is a snap-together standing seam roof system with a 1-3/4” tall vertical rib. Its continuous interlocking engineered design allows thermal movement and requires no mechanical seaming for weathertight integrity. ToughLok 175SN is distinctive for its broad-width seam and impressive structural capabilities. This popular panel has a concealed fastener and clip, enabling quick and simple installation while withstanding extremely high design pressures, including open purlin roof systems.

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Toughlok Panels & Roof Systems in the USA | Mansea Metal - cta-roof

200SL/DL Profile

ToughLok 200 Single Lock and 200 Double Lock are 2” mechanically seamed structural metal roof systems, making them ideal for low to steep-slope applications. ToughLok 200SL/DL is a versatile, performance-engineered solution that can handle heavy-duty commercial and industrial projects and provides high wind uplift resistance and structural integrity. The panels are secured with concealed clips, and the ribs are locked together, reducing panel stress from temperature changes.

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Completed Projects Utilizing ToughLok Metal Panels

With Mansea Metal's color visualizer tool, you can revamp your property's exterior or redefine the color scheme of your barn, home, or post-frame architecture. Explore a gamut of metal siding colors to find the perfect combination that aligns with your design aspirations.

Unleash your creativity by experimenting with different colors for your roof, siding, trim, and wainscoting. Whether you choose bold hues for a statement look or soft tones for a harmonious appeal, our metal building siding options will enhance your property's aesthetic charm.

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Most companies that advertise metal roofing and siding or post-frame buildings are simply reselling products produced by someone else. We fabricate our products from rolled steel and have large indoor yards protecting our lumber. That way, we control the quality and time of delivery to you. This also helps contribute to creating jobs right here in your hometown.

The truth is not all steel is alike, especially regarding finishes. That’s why we use Sherwin-Williams WeatherXL™ Coil Coatings. It is designed to withstand almost anything that comes its way and maintain extreme resistance to abrasion, chipping, and marring with tremendous color and gloss retention. And you get to select your favorites from more than 22 striking color options. Don’t wait any longer to reap the rewards of our durable, customizable ToughLok panels and roof systems. Connect with Mansea Metal today, and let’s breathe new life into your property.

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