Are Permits and Regulations for Building Your Pole Barn Important?

A contractor makes sure a pole barn is up to building codes and local regulations after getting the required permits.Permits and building regulations make most people shudder.

What do you think about when you read those words: permits and building regulations? Are you confused, intimidated, or frustrated? Maybe instead, you are comforted. Knowing your pole barn is built to code, includes all necessary permits, and follows local regulations, you can live comfortably knowing your investment is secure now and when you want to sell your property in the future.

In this article, we’ll go over what you should know about permits, codes, and regulations for your pole barn. 

Different Areas Different Pole Barn Rules

All states and local areas like towns or cities have different rules when it comes to what property owners can build. Some are a free form with no permit requirements, whereas others are strict with the number of codes that contractors must follow and permits they must acquire before starting a project. Some locations only have requirements after you pass a threshold. 

Make sure to check with your local government to know what you need. Working with experienced contractors like those that Mansea Metal can recommend, you can ensure your project has the proper documentation. 

Building Zoning Regulations

Your first step is to find out about the zoning for your property. Some properties are zoned for one type or several types of buildings or structures. There may be limits on the type of building, addition, or use for a building. Even if you can obtain a permit, the city or local area may require you to remove a structure if your property is not zoned for it.

Building Permits

Make sure you get the right permits by getting in touch with city officials. As we mentioned above, some areas are more strict than others - make sure to cover yourself by getting the documentation you need. Many homeowners get into a bad situation with their city when they do not get the proper permits. Avoid financial and possible legal troubles by getting the right permit ahead of time.

Power Codes and Regulations

Make sure to partner with an experienced electrical inspector or contractor if you are not one yourself. Many people choose to run electricity from their home’s service panel to their pole barn. An inspector will help you determine the right depth to bury the cables to follow regulations. Working with electricity can also be dangerous if you are not experienced and credentialed. Use extreme caution.  

Ensure Your Project Goes Smoothly by Working with the Right Contractor

Building a pole barn is an exciting adventure. Make sure to follow all the permits, rules, and regulations to protect yourself in the future. Mansea Metal is a manufacturer of quality metal panels for roofs and siding for homes, businesses, and pole barns. We have many trustworthy contractors we partner with that we can suggest for your project. Give us a call today.

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The Mansea Metal Difference

We Are The Manufacturer

Most of the companies who advertise metal roofing and siding or post-frame buildings are simply reselling products produced by someone else. We produce our own products from rolled steel and have large indoor yards that keep our lumber protected. That way, we control the quality and time of delivery to you. And that creates jobs right here in your home town.

Higher Quality Steel with Superior Finishes

The truth is not all steel is alike, especially when it comes to finishes. That’s why we use Sherwin-Williams WeatherXL™ Coil Coatings. Created to withstand most anything that comes its way, designed to maintain extreme resistance to abrasion, chipping and marring with tremendous color and gloss retention. And you get to select your favorites from more than 22 striking color options

You Won’t Be Shorted On Lumber

When we price a building package, we give you everything you need to ensure structural integrity. Like longer gable posts that extend to the top of the truss, not just tying in at the bottom. And long-lasting pressure-treated wood measuring .60 CCA. You won’t get this quality at a ‘big box’ store. Plus, we use true 6x6’s along with 2x10’s and 2x12’s that are #1 grade.

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