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Bet on MWB for Your Horse Pole Barn

Bet on MWB for Your Horse Pole Barn

Bet on MWB for Your Horse Pole Barn - long_pole

One of the most exciting times of the year for horse owners and enthusiasts is the Kentucky Derby. The event brings worldwide interest to horses and the state of Kentucky itself. As a Kentucky-rooted company, we know a thing or two about horses and how to create the perfect equestrian pole building. Not only do we focus on the ease of use for the owner but we also prioritize the horses’ comfort, the sturdiness of the horse pole barn, and the beautiful design to complement your home or farmstead. 


To assist in planning your dream horse barn, we have compiled a few tips to help you design and plan your horse stall pole barn to be as efficient as possible.

Dedicate Some Space

Wash Stalls 

Having an interior space to bathe and groom your horse is a smart choice when the weather becomes unpredictable. 

Food/Drink Space

Easy access to food and water is convenient—dedicate a small storage area for these necessities. 

Tack Rooms

A small room built just for housing your bridles, saddles, blankets, and grooming equipment is a great use of space and will grant you quick access.


Bet on MWB for Your Horse Pole Barn - inside_pole

Create a Comfortable Horse Environment


Consider the right type of flooring for your horse’s hooves and overall comfort, like mats or bedded stalls. 

Stall Size

Make sure there’s enough space per horse to turn around comfortably and express natural behaviors.


A proper drainage system will prevent water from pooling and creating a muddy mess.

Design & Functionality 

Interior Riding Space

If budget allows, consider allocating resources to an interior riding space to exercise your horses in all types of weather.


Adequate airflow is critical for the health of your beloved horses. A ventilation system should be installed to maintain quality airflow and happy, healthy horses.


Natural lighting is far more beneficial to your horses than electric. Windows are the perfect addition to your stall barn and provide an added ventilation source.


While functionality is the most important, the design is a close second. With 21 metal color choices and limitless options, Mid Western Buildings offers completely custom equestrian pole barns to match your style, budget, and needs. 

Additional Considerations


Think about where on your property the barn will be placed for sun exposure, access to paddocks, and overall functionality.


Research any necessary permits required for building a barn in your area.

Safety Features

Fire extinguishers, proper wiring, and secure latches are all important safety features to consider.

Your Dream Horse Pole Barn Starts Here

Ready to make your dream a reality and create the perfect horse barn for your equine companions? At Mid Western Buildings, our team of professional horse barn builders specializes in crafting quality, custom post-frame buildings designed to provide both comfort and functionality for your horses. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discuss your vision in depth.  

Partner With Mid Western Buildings

Between adhering to local building codes and helping you choose the best options and add-ons, Mid Western Buildings will assist you every step of the way. Call our Kentucky office at (859) 744-0022 or our Illinois office at (217) 859-8670 for more information.

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