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Unleashing Strength: Exploring the ToughLok Roofing System

Unleashing Strength: Exploring the ToughLok Roofing System

ToughLok Roofing System | Mansea Metal - PHOTO_A_-_TL175SN_-_AdobeStock_104302488The roofing system is a critical element of any building: it protects the interiors and everyone in it from the elements. It is also one of the first things to wear out because it is exposed to various weather conditions year in and year out. 

It is a given that roofs must be as sturdy and durable as possible, and there’s no better option for your peace of mind than the ToughLok roofing system.

What Is a ToughLok Roofing System?

ToughLok, also known as standing-seam roofing, consists of flat metal panels that have vertical ribs on each end. The metal panels are designed to lock together and are mounted to the roof by being fastened to the sheathing underneath through a series of hidden clips. ToughLok, specifically, was created by Mansea Metal, a family-owned business that serves most of the Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Founders John Griffith and Pat Brown created the company to provide high-quality metal roofing and siding solutions for Midwestern buildings. The brand created the ToughLok metal panels and roof systems to ensure efficient and durable structures for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Mansea Metal provides three different types of ToughLok roofing systems.

100FW Profile

This versatile panel roofing system is an excellent choice for both new construction and retrofitting projects. Specifically, the 100FW Flush Wall and Soffit panel offer an ideal solution for fascias, walls, equipment screens, and soffits. Its ultra-smooth surface and concealed, opposing connections ensure a seamless and polished finish, giving your structure a completely refined appearance.

175SN Profile

This roofing system also referred to as the ToughLok 175 Snap Lock, falls under the category of snap-lock roofing. But what exactly is snap-lock roofing? In this system, concealed fasteners are utilized, with hidden clips securing the male leg to the roof deck while the female component snaps snugly over the male portion. The need for mechanical seaming is eliminated as these elements securely lock in place.

The ToughLok, on the other hand, is a standing seam roof system with a vertical rib measuring 1.75 inches. It achieves a weather-tight seal without the requirement of mechanical seams, relying instead on an ingeniously designed interlocking mechanism that accommodates thermal movement. This system has gained significant popularity within the brand due to its wide seams and impressive structural capacity, and it offers straightforward installation thanks to the use of concealed clips and fasteners.

200 SL/DL Profile

The profile offers a choice between two options: single lock and double lock. This versatile structural metal roof system, with a two-inch mechanical seaming, is well-suited for a range of roof pitch applications, from low to steep. It stands out as the top pick for a wide spectrum of commercial and industrial construction projects, primarily due to its exceptional resistance to high wind uplift forces.

The Advantages of ToughLok Roofing System

Mansea Metal manufactures all of its products in-house. This company is deeply familiar with all the products and can recommend the most appropriate applications for them. Furthermore, the team is in complete control of the quality and can provide the best time of delivery. This means all construction work can be completed on time and up to your satisfaction.

There are many advantages to metal roofing systems because of their light structural load and broader color choices. So why should you choose the ToughLok roofing system? 


ToughLok is efficient in every way, being an all-weather system that is strong and durable. It’s easy to install with concealed clips and fasteners, creating a seamless aesthetic appeal for both homeowners and businesses alike. The ToughLok metal panels and roof systems are also energy-efficient as they reflect sunlight, saving occupants the need to crank up the air conditioning during hotter months.


Metal roofing generally has significant longevity, but not all steel is created equal. ToughLok products are finished with Sherwin-Williams WeatherXL Coil Coatings, a trademarked version known to withstand extreme weather conditions and all types of abrasion, chipping, and marring. It comes in 22 striking colors, too, so you can match your roof to your pre-existing home exterior.

Peace of Mind

You gain much-needed peace of mind when you have an efficient roofing system known to last for decades. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on maintenance, and there is no fear of structural damage whenever strong winds are on the horizon. Due to their lightweight nature, ToughLok roofing systems won’t put pressure on the structural integrity of your foundation.

Invest in a ToughLok Roofing System with Mansea Metal

The roofing system is an integral part of any building, and it should not be taken for granted in structural projects. The ToughLok roofing system has everything you need for your residential, commercial, agricultural, and equestrian needs. 

To learn more about it, contact its manufacturer, Mansea Metal. Request for a quote here.

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