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Don’t Be Lax, Get Your Metal Roofing Tax (Credit)

Don’t Be Lax, Get Your Metal Roofing Tax (Credit)

Improve your home with a metal roof and simultaneously improve your wallet! Thanks to the Energy Efficiency tax credit (and the energy efficient nature of metal roofing), if you install a metal roof on your home by December you qualify for a tax credit worth up to $500!

As we have mentioned, metal roofing has a plethora of benefits. Most notably, it is energy efficient. Metal roofs are one of the most energy efficient roofing options because they reflect heat, cutting back on cooling costs. In the cold months, metal roofs act as great insulators, saving you heating costs. Overall, metal roofing is an investment that truly pays back.

According to Energy Star, “you could claim 10% of the cost of home improvement (not including installation/labor costs), up to a maximum $500.” This credit is applicable for those who installed a metal roof on their principal residence from January 1, 2011, up to December 31, 2016. So, there is still time to make the switch to metal roofing!

To apply for this tax credit you simply must file the 2015 or 2016 version of the IRS Form 5695 and submit with your taxes before the deadline. You also must enter this tax credit from Form 5695 on line 53 of the 1040 Form. If you need assistance please contact your local tax service provider.

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