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Mansea Metal Opens New Plant in Illinois

Mansea Metal Opens New Plant in Illinois

Winchester, Ky. - Mansea Metal will be opening the doors of its second location in Mt. Zion, Ill. in April 2015.

“Mt. Zion is the perfect location for us to open our second branch. With its healthy farming community and its ideal location in the middle of the state, we’ll have a much farther reach then we did with just one location in Kentucky. We’ll be able to reach a wide base of customers with our beautiful, durable and cost-effective metal roofing, siding and post frame buildings. When you buy from us, you buy direct from the manufacturer which saves money and time.”

– John Griffith, co-owner.

Mansea began in Winchester, KY in 2007, manufacturing and selling metal roofing and siding. Soon after opening, they expanded their offering to include complete post-frame building packages and custom trims. With its exponential growth locally came the opportunity for expansion into new markets. Mansea’s new offices and manufacturing plant will be located at 1181 SR 121, Mt. Zion.

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