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#Manseamonday & #Postframefriday April Review

#Manseamonday & #Postframefriday April Review


  • Colors: Our metal is available in 20 vibrant colors, granting you endless design options. Better yet, we use a Valspar WeatherXL paint system that limits fading and chalking!
  • Crinkle Finish: Speaking of color options, we also offer some colors in crinkle finish. This textured metal is a unique alternative that provides stronger color retention and scratch resistance.
  • Gauge: 26 and 29 gauge are the most common offerings. The lower the number the thicker the metal!
  • Trim: Essential to any good metal roof, trim helps seals joints. We offer custom designs to fit your every need!


  • Research: As you know, research is very important before any big purchase. We recommend that you research the pros & cons of post frames, applicable warranties, suppliers in your area, and style/design options before you make a final decision. Our Midwestern Buildings’ representatives are available to answer any questions you may have!
  • Location: Before you build, make sure you have a viable location in mind. This should be free of plants, debris, and overhead and underground line to reduce any potential problems.
  • Style: If you’ve made it to our page you probably have been thinking of building a pole barn building for a while. You also probably have a style in mind. When planning your building takes its future function into consideration.
  • Reputable Company: After you have researched, prepped the location and decided on the style, it’s time to begin searching for a reputable company to work with! Reach out to local building companies with a list of questions ready to ask to weed out the unsavory businesses.
  • Seal the Deal: Once you have found a few contenders make an appointment to meet with a rep! This is a good way to gather estimates, gain insight, and form an opinion before going any further.
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