Uses for Pole Barns in the Agricultural: Historical and Modern Day

A tractor sits in a field near a pole barn.We all know that there have been significant business inventions and progressions in recent years because of the Internet. However, for some industries, the Internet is not the most significant invention. 

The world of farming has changed monumentally over the years. Agriculture is an industry that has gone from being entirely labor-intensive to highly machine-intensive. Therefore, there have been some incredible farm machinery inventions along the way that have allowed this to happen. This article delves into some of the most significant farming equipment developments - all of which are stored in pole barns


First, we have the thresher. A thresher is a machine that separates the grain from crops. It is a piece of machinery that is extremely popular in the present day. However, before its existence, grain was cut by hand. This was an extremely slow process. Farmers would haul the grain to a barn. It would then be spread on a “threshing floor.” They would either allow animals to trample upon the grain or they would beat it with hand fails. Both methods would knock the kernels free of the straw. 

After this, the straw would be raked away, and what was left was tossed into the air. The wind then had the responsibility of blowing away the lighter debris and chaff from the heavier grain. With all these steps, this process wasn’t efficient. Therefore, when Andrew Meikle developed the first threshing machine in Scotland in 1786, it was welcomed. 

General Purpose Tractor

You simply cannot mention farm machinery without talking about the tractor. There are a lot of significant inventions concerning this machine. For example, you have the first gasoline tractors for sale, which were invented in the 1890s. However, the general-purpose tractor is arguably the most significant. It is one of the most popular farm machines globally and has increased efficiency and productivity by truly astounding amounts. 

So, when did the first general-purpose tractor come about? That would be in 1924. It was called the "Farmall." This machine could plant and cultivate row crops, as well as pull heavy tillage. It didn't take long for the general-purpose tractor to catch on at businesses around the world. Over the next twenty years, all manufacturers in the agricultural industry developed their very own version. 

Cotton Gin

Last but not least, let's rewind to one of the earliest farm machinery inventions. After all, we've delved into the world of the general-purpose tractor – a machine that is dominant in the modern-day, but what made a massive impact in older times? We have to go back to the Cotton Gin. 

In Colonial Times, cotton cloth was costly. In fact, it was more expensive than wool or linen. This is because separating the seed from the clinging fibers proved to be tremendously tough. To illustrate just how difficult this was, daily, one individual would probably only pick the seeds from one pound of cotton fiber. This process defined the word lengthy. 

So, when Eli Whitney devised a Cotton Gin machine in 1793, it truly was a significant invention. This machine allowed for approximately 200 pounds of cotton to be cleaned per day. It's not difficult to do the maths – that means that this machine sped up the process of cotton cleaning by 200%! It truly was an incredible invention that caused the prices of cotton to plummet.     

From the 1700s to Today, Pole Barns Remain Excellent Homes for Your Agricultural Equipment

As time moves on, advances are made. Farming equipment continues to make advancements, but one thing remains constant - where farmers choose to store their equipment. Pole barns have been the storage building of choice for centuries. Just as farm equipment has developed, modern pole barns include metal framing. Give Mansea Metal a call today to find out how a metal pole barn could help your storage concerns.

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