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Everything You Need to Know about Building Your Equestrian Barn

Everything You Need to Know about Building Your Equestrian Barn

An equestrian barn is pictured with an open door at the end and several clean stalls running along each side with a wide gap between the two sides.

Having horses in your life is an incredible experience. Whether you work with horses professionally or horses are a cherished part of your personal life, ensuring their well-being and comfort is of utmost importance.

For horse owners, investing in a well-built equestrian pole barn or small horse barn, is not just a practical choice, but a decision that can significantly enhance the health, happiness, and overall quality of life for both the equines and their caretakers.



Have you ever considered the numerous reasons why an equestrian pole barn could be the ideal solution for housing your beloved horses or horse stable?

Shelter from the Elements

Horses, like any other animals, require protection from the elements. An equestrian pole barn provides a sturdy and reliable shelter, shielding horses from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and extreme heat. This protection not only prevents discomfort and stress for the animals but also contributes to their overall health by reducing the risk of weather-related illnesses.

Ample Ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining good air quality within a horse barn. Equestrian pole barns can be designed with features like adjustable windows, vents, doors, and air circulation systems that ensure a constant flow of fresh air. Ample ventilation prevents the buildup of harmful fumes, allergens, and humidity, reducing the likelihood of respiratory issues among horses.

Space for Exercise and Activities

A well-designed equestrian pole barns provides ample space for essential equine activities. Horse owners can incorporate indoor riding arenas or training spaces within the barns structure. This enables consistent training and exercise routines regardless of weather conditions, fostering the development of both horse and rider.

Why Bigger is Better for Horse Stalls and Aisles


You want to aim for about 12' by 12' for your horse stalls. Ponies might fit in a space that is a little bit smaller. No matter the size of the animal, make sure they have enough room to lie down, get up, and turn all the way around. 

Similarly, your aisles should provide enough space for people and animals to move around. Again, 12' is a good distance for the center aisle. This extra space will provide the room to saddle horses, move any necessary parts in or out and move animals from stall to stall.


Storage and Organization: Don't Forget a Tack Room

Don't forget about your tack rooms and supplies. An equestrian barn is more than just a place for your horses to sleep. This will be your place to store all their supplies. Make sure to plan on having a tack room. This room will be your spot to keep brushes, blankets, saddles, and more. Make sure to keep this room sealed to keep the dust out.

Beyond housing horses, equestrian pole barns offer practical storage solutions for feed, tack, grooming supplies, materials, and equipment. A well-organized barn layout ensures that everything is readily accessible, promoting efficient horse care and maintenance routines.

Include a Wash Bay for Your Horses

Animals and humans both need to get cleaned up. A brushing after a ride is important, but it is equally important to wash your horses. Provide for them completely with a wash bay in your equestrian pole barn. Keeping a wash area indoors also allows for cleaning during all times of the year. Make sure you your horse barn builder will have the following for your horse wash stall or horse feed bay:

  • Flooring options

  • Drainage

  • Water

  • Electricity

Customization and Personalization

Equestrian pole barns can be tailored to match your specific needs and preferences. You have the flexibility to design the barn's layout, stall sizes, and features according to the number of horses you have, your riding disciplines, riding arena, and any additional requirements you or more horses might have.


Compared to traditional wood and barn constructions, equestrian pole barns often offer a more cost-effective solution. They require less material and construction time while providing a durable and functional space for your horses.

Potential for Additional Amenities

Depending on your vision and requirements, building an equestrian pole barn can be expanded to include various amenities such as wash bays, grooming areas, lounges, and viewing galleries. This allows you to create a comprehensive equestrian facility that caters to your needs and those of your horses.

Identifying your needs for an equestrian pole barn is the first step in designing the layout of your new building. Consider if you will need an office, grooming area, and washroom, among other things. 


The tips above will help you set up your equestrian pole barn for long term success. Make sure to think beyond the horses stalls to everything they will need. Mansea Metal creates the panels for barn siding and roofing that you will need for your horses' home. We also have a collection of trusted contractors we can recommend for your project. 

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