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Post-Frame Buildings vs. Steel Frame Buildings

Post-Frame Buildings vs. Steel Frame Buildings

Originally posted on 02/28/2017

Post Frame Buildings vs. Steel Frame Buildings: What's the difference? - metal_frame

Post Frame Buildings vs. Steel Frame Buildings: What's the difference? - wood_frame

In your pole barn building material search, you may have seen many different methods of construction, notably, post-frame and steel frame, but what is right for you? The obvious difference between the two is that one is framed with steel and the other is framed with wood. While both methods have their advantages, post-frames tend to be more popular. 

In this article, we will go through the various factors that separate the two materials.

1. Design

Although steel frame buildings are easier to add-on to, post-frame buildings tend to have more design flexibility. Post-frame buildings offer greater design versatility and come with a wide variety of unique options, such as trims, eaves, overhangs, and higher-pitched roofs, to really make your building stand out. So, if you are looking for more design options and unique features a post-frame is your best option.

2. Cost

Lumber is almost always less expensive than manufactured steel, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Additionally, post-frame buildings are typically quicker to construct, reducing your cost for construction and crew.

3. Efficiency

With thicker wall cavities and higher-pitched roofs for greater attic space, post-frame buildings allow for more room for insulation which helps to control your energy costs. Furthermore, the lumber used in post-frame construction naturally conducts less heat than steel.

4. Strength

This may surprise you, but wood-framed buildings are actually stronger than steel-framed buildings once built. Post-frame buildings include a strong foundation, triple-laminated lumber posts, strong trusses, and a roll-formed metal exterior – the perfect combination for a strong building that will stand the test of extreme weather and time.

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There are many choices you will need to make when considering you pole barn's construction. We hope this article has helped you see the many benefits of using metal in your building. We have extensive experience in fabricating the right metal panels for our clients. Give our team a call today to arrange for us to make your materials.

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