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The History of Post-Frame Buildings

The History of Post-Frame Buildings

Originally posted on 04/27/2016

Could you single-handedly construct a building in a month? We bet you could! That was the mindset at the creation of the post-frame building

Post-frame buildings have a long history that extends at least into the earlier years of the 20th century. Keep reading to learn more about the history of Post-Frame Buildings that led to their current iteration today. 

A framed house.

Beginnings of Post-Frame Buildings

Commonly referred to as pole barns, post frame building construction is a simplified building method that was developed in the 1930s as a way to offer an affordable, quick solution to the new corporate farming practices. During that time, there was a shift toward engine-powered farm equipment which led farmers to seek cheaper and larger storage units that could be constructed with minimal to no assistance.

The 1920s fostered low values on agricultural products, allowing room for corporate farming practices to grow. With larger acreage and a rising need for space, the method of post-framing emerged. The practice originally used utility poles for agricultural builds, but soon advanced over the following decades.

Updates and Modernization in the 1960s

There were updates to the materials and standardization in the 1960s that changed post-frame buildings. Metal plates became more popular to add to wooden trusses. The stability of buildings increased making them safer and more durable. In 1969, the National Frame Building Association was formed. This organization set a consistent vision and direction for post-frame buildings.

Modern Day Post-Frame Buildings

As more time passed, materials became more efficient. Modern-day metal building construction is flexible in form and function, meaning options are infinite! With a wide variety of colors, add-ons, designs, and more, these buildings are no longer limited to rural settings and farmers. People have frequently used our high-quality, post-frame building kit packages to create homes, sheds, garages, playhouses, and more!

Get Quality Metal Panels for Your Post-Frame Building

Post-frame and pole barn construction is a tried and true building method that will surely withstand the test of time. We are excited for the future of post-frame buildings! When you are ready to build your post-frame building, consider using materials made by Mansea Metal. Our quality metal work comes in many panel styles so you can have exactly what you want. Give our team a call today. 

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